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Be a Supporter of VerdeXchange Arizona and get your personal name or company name up on our website and in our resource book.  Support us with $500 and we will give you a ticket to our 2016 Conference.  For any questions, please call or email Maryanne:  480-419-0393 |

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Thank you to those who have already shown their support for VXAZ:


Sun Life Family Health Center


Michael Fossum

Mary Borgia

David Drennon

Donald Baker

Omar Sayed

Dan Serfilippi

Cricket Bo

Michelle Pierson

Dusty Guadian

Dustin Moore

Kees Rietsema

Jon Moyer

Silvia Urrutia

Anna Sepic

Evan Van Wagenen

Donald Becka

Maryann Richardson

David Abel

Mark Sadovnick

Paul Blue

Barbara Kaplan

Rick Gibson

Stephanie Schull

Brion Crum

Nicolas Cuevas- URBIX Resources Corporation

Anthony Parkinson- URBIX Resources Corporation

Eric Whitrock – RCMetrics

Reggie Winssinger, Hon. Consul Belgium

Siebe K. J. van der Zee, Hon. Consul, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Enrique Melendez, Hon. Consul, Republic of El Salvador

Melissa Sanderson