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What is VERDEXCHANGE Arizona?

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What is the VerdeXchange Arizona Conference?

Event-Photo-04VerdeXchange Arizona is an annual Leaders Conference On Sustainable Economic Growth—connecting and networking state, regional and global decision makers. We connect people, ideas, money, business, jobs, projects, and ventures from all of our core disciplines: energy, development, water, transportation, finance, education , health, and foreign direct investment—all in one place at one time. What has already emerged from our efforts is leveraged, sustainable growth in all sectors.

Who Attends Arizona’s VerdeXchange Conference?

Approximately 400 state, regional, and global connectors will attend VXAZ2015, including leading decision-makers involved in shaping the already trillion-dollar green economy. Modeled after VerdeXchange Los Angeles, now in its eighth year, VX Arizona serves as a unique business to business platform for collaboratively creating and building sustainable communities and enterprises.

Connecting Arizona to the Nation and the World

Approximately 22 countries, 12 states and 28 cities were represented at the VXAZ2015 conference with afforded in-depth opportunities for discussion and networking, allowing an outcome of new and continued growth in all sectors. Specific emphasis is placed on the generation of information for new and starting projects and the introduction of new businesses from the countries involved.